Inkeeper’s Tattoo Chosen as 2022 “Best of the Best” Winner!

Meet Canton Tattoo Artistis Zac Adams - winner of the Best of The Best 2022 Tattoo Parlor Category

Cover photo by The Repository/Scott Heckel

The following is an exerpt from the Canton Repository. You can read the full story here

Zac Adams serves as managing member of The Inkeeper’s Tattoo Parlor in Canton.

He works with his girlfriend Lauren, and he has a 2-year-old daughter named Willow Jean. The family has a couple of snakes, a few dogs and five cats.

Adams graduated from Massillon’s Washington High School in 2006. He learned tattooing from different people around Massillon and developed a friendship with the artist who did his second tattoo.

“I became a permanent fixture in his apartment,” he said. “From store runs to making stencils and cleaning equipment, I was always around. From there, I found a real shop called Underground in Canton owned by Frank Ullman. He took me on as an apprentice for a short while showing me the ways of a professional. I quickly learned the huge difference between house tattooing and professional tattooing and decided right then I would pursue the legit route.”

It wasn’t long before his path led him to Sharp Images in Orrville, where he started seeing more of an artistic side of tattooing. He started to build up some clientele and ended up doing the first of many conventions.

“Arin [Hicks] had a great way of connecting with people and securing lifelong clients and loyal customers; something I try to emulate to this day,” Adams said.

He then moved to California and later North Carolina. In Holly Ridge, North Carolina, he started work at Atomic Wave and was introduced to Joe Wensil who was immersed in the history of tattooing. Wensil had transformed an old gas station outside of Camp Lejuene into a working tattoo museum.

Adams said there were signed photos of the founders of modern tattooing: Bowery Stan Moskowitz, Paul Rogers and Norman Keith Collins (a.k.a. Sailor Jerry) were just a few.

“Joe taught me the importance of working long days and staying late to make sure you didn’t ever let a paying customer leave without getting tattooed,” he said.

“I started taking on a lot more clientele and expanding my portfolio and meeting some killer artists around the city of Wilmington.”

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Here We Go!

Here We Go!


It’s so crazy to be able to invite you gals and guys to the shop, and now, the new website. It’s been just over a year or so from when we started here and it’s grown so much since then. We’ve met some bad-ass people and created some equally bad-ass tattoos. We’ve grown our team to include the most talented artists in Ohio. We get nervous that you won’t believe us when we say that, so then we set out to win a bunch of awards to prove our point and we succeed there too. I know this is starting to sound like we’re bragging, but honestly we’re just stoked. As artists all we want to do is create, and with tattoos you can’t do that without a willing canvas (psst, that’s you!). That’s why we’re thrilled you all have been visiting us non-stop!

So, what’s in store for the future? Well, we’re streaming! You can watch us work daily on! You can interact with us, ask questions, tell stories, or just listen in as we demonstrate our lack of personal filters.

We got new merch coming down the road. We know everyone under the sun is trying to hock their own goods on you, but we’re more interested in creating things you like, rather than just trying to brand you with our logo, ya know? Keep an eye out and don’t be afraid to tell us what you’d love to see on a shirt, a hat or whatever.

One thing we really want to mention is that one of our artists, Lauren Renee, is one of the leading Cosmetic Tattoo Artists in the country! Go check out her page here to get an idea of what she does, but if you’re looking for cosmetic, or reconstructive tattoos, please give her a call – she’s absolutely amazing. 

That’s it for now – but we have a lot of stuff, like give-aways, coming up so stay tuned.