Relieve The Pain – Tattoos Don’t Have To Hurt As Much

If you have tattoos chances are that at some point in your life someone wanted to brag to you about their tattoos and how it didn’t even hurt when they got ’em. Nice try bruh, we know the truth — tattoos hurt. But that’s part of the rite of passage, the ritual.

Or at least, it was. There are some cool products out there on the market now that are over the counter and cut down that initial pain dramatically. The big one right now is Hush who creates an anesthetic gel and foam; both of which are designed to cut down the pain of getting tattooed.

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Movin’ On Up – To The Top Of The Tattoo Rankings!



Let’s just get something clear real quick – we’re not braggers; we completely believe in letting our work speak for itself. However, when we get recognized for the work we’ve done, we have no problem sharing the news and this is pretty big.

Our own Zac Adams is currently ranked in the top 300 tattoo artists in the whole damn world. Considering some major cities alone will have 300+ tatters in them, it’s pretty amazing to be ranked at 268 in the whole mother effing world!

Don’t believe us? Just check it out here. Not saying we told ya so, but…

So, if you want to get tatt’d by literally one of the best in the world, here’s your chance. 


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2701 Cleveland Ave NW
Canton, OH 44709
(234) 214-8857