Tattoo Needles versus Tattoo Cartridges – What’s the difference?

One thing has been constant since the inception of tattooing — you need something that can puncture the skin and deliver ink at the same time. That thing is the tattoo needle. Over the course of centuries, the technology of tattoo needles has evolved from primitive, sharpened bone spikes, to the modern surgical needles we use now. Recently, however, you may have started to see the term “cartridge” pop up in discussions regarding tattoo needles.

What are cartridges and how do they differ from needles?

Let’s talk about what the tattoo needle is first. It’s a simple piece of equipment; usually a long metal rod with a hook to connect to the tattoo machine on one end and an array of small needles adhered to the business end. The machine causes the entire needle to rapidly shift up and down. When this happens at full speed that’s what gives tattoo machines their trademark hum and what also allows the tattoo artist to penetrate the skin and create amazing works for permanent art.

The needle itself is just one piece of the overall tattoo machine. For traditional machines, the 4 main components are the front and back coils (these are the parts that make the needle move), the needle, the grip, and the tip. The grip is what your tattoo artist holds onto and the tip is what confines the needle tip so your artist can draw straight lines and smooth shading.

Where cartridges come into play is that they combine the tip and the needle into one manufactured piece as opposed to two separate pieces. This is helpful for a few reasons. First and foremost, it means the tip and the needle type can be designed to work together perfectly. The last thing you want is for your needle to be contained within an incompatible tip – this would wreak havoc on the tattoo process. Needing several types of needles and tips often meant your artists also needed several machines ready to go. That just creates more mess, wastes time, etc – you get the point.

A needle and tip combo mean you can use one machine, swap between cartridges as needed, reduce waste, and most importantly, get the best possible artistic results. This is why you’ll see most of us here at the Inkeeper’s working with Cheyenne brand tattoo cartridges and Pen-style tattoo machines. It’s more natural, it gives better results, and you get a better tattoo!

If you want to learn more about Cheyenne Tattoo Cartridges and Pen Machines, you can check out our shop at

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Relieve The Pain – Tattoos Don’t Have To Hurt As Much

If you have tattoos chances are that at some point in your life someone wanted to brag to you about their tattoos and how it didn’t even hurt when they got ’em. Nice try bruh, we know the truth — tattoos hurt. But that’s part of the rite of passage, the ritual.

Or at least, it was. There are some cool products out there on the market now that are over the counter and cut down that initial pain dramatically. The big one right now is Hush who creates an anesthetic gel and foam; both of which are designed to cut down the pain of getting tattooed.

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Movin’ On Up – To The Top Of The Tattoo Rankings!



Let’s just get something clear real quick – we’re not braggers; we completely believe in letting our work speak for itself. However, when we get recognized for the work we’ve done, we have no problem sharing the news and this is pretty big.

Our own Zac Adams is currently ranked in the top 300 tattoo artists in the whole damn world. Considering some major cities alone will have 300+ tatters in them, it’s pretty amazing to be ranked at 268 in the whole mother effing world!

Don’t believe us? Just check it out here. Not saying we told ya so, but…

So, if you want to get tatt’d by literally one of the best in the world, here’s your chance. 


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Here We Go!

Here We Go!


It’s so crazy to be able to invite you gals and guys to the shop, and now, the new website. It’s been just over a year or so from when we started here and it’s grown so much since then. We’ve met some bad-ass people and created some equally bad-ass tattoos. We’ve grown our team to include the most talented artists in Ohio. We get nervous that you won’t believe us when we say that, so then we set out to win a bunch of awards to prove our point and we succeed there too. I know this is starting to sound like we’re bragging, but honestly we’re just stoked. As artists all we want to do is create, and with tattoos you can’t do that without a willing canvas (psst, that’s you!). That’s why we’re thrilled you all have been visiting us non-stop!

So, what’s in store for the future? Well, we’re streaming! You can watch us work daily on! You can interact with us, ask questions, tell stories, or just listen in as we demonstrate our lack of personal filters.

We got new merch coming down the road. We know everyone under the sun is trying to hock their own goods on you, but we’re more interested in creating things you like, rather than just trying to brand you with our logo, ya know? Keep an eye out and don’t be afraid to tell us what you’d love to see on a shirt, a hat or whatever.

One thing we really want to mention is that one of our artists, Lauren Renee, is one of the leading Cosmetic Tattoo Artists in the country! Go check out her page here to get an idea of what she does, but if you’re looking for cosmetic, or reconstructive tattoos, please give her a call – she’s absolutely amazing. 

That’s it for now – but we have a lot of stuff, like give-aways, coming up so stay tuned.